Balayam for Hair Regrowth: Solve All your Hair Problems

Every person in his free time should rub nails for healthy hairs. In India more than half of the population is facing some or the other health related problems whether it is baldness, hair loss, hair fall, alopecia areata, premature greying. You may not take this nail rubbing exercise seriously but this is really works magical for your hair. The success rate of balayam is really very high and it is far more better than spending money on your hair problems, as spending money does not gives guarantee of your hair related problems. Balayam woks by increasing blood flow to the scalp and providing all the vital vitamins and minerals that are required for healthy hairs.

Have you really thought why hair problems occur?. Hair problems really occurs when blood flow to the scalp reduces. As blood carries all the nutrients for keeping your hair healthy. Balayam will increase the blood flow to the scalp and go to the root cause of the hair problem and solve it permanently.

During the initial time of balayam or nail rubbing exercise, you may see increased hair fall, but don’t panic as this is the positive sign of balayam. Balayam tends to push weak or unhealthy hair from the scalp and replaces it by strong hair.

How to do Balayam?

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Rub the fingernails, except the thumb, of both your hands against each other, as hard as possible. In lay person language we can say that rub the nails from its roots.

How to know if You are Doing it Correct?

The person doing balayam experiences tingling sensation on their scalp as balayam increases the blood flow to the scalp.

During initial time you may see increased hair fall and this is again a positive sign that you are doing it correctly.

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When will the results be visible?

You have to be very patient about the result as this is an ayurveda practice and every ayurveda practices takes time because it solves the problem from the root.

You may see that your hair fall will reduce in 2-3 months and after 7-8 months you may see that new baby hairs are growing from the bald area.

For example if you are completely bald you can see noticeable results in a 5-6 months and you may completely cure your baldness in 1.5 to 2 years.

Multivitamin with Balayam Yoga

Multivitamins helps to fulfill the daily requirements of essential vitamin and minerals for your body.

Taking Multivitamin with balayam will increase the effect of the nail rubbing exercise and you may see positive results faster.

You can get multivitamins tablets easily online.

Precautions for doing Balayam

  1. The person with high blood pressure should avoid balayam.
  2. Avoid balayam after eating.
  3. Heart patients should not do balayam.
  4. pregnant women should avoid it.

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