Giloy uses and its benefits| How to Use Giloy?

Giloy is ‘Tridosha Nashak,’ Nirgundi is Tridosha Nashak, Tulsi is Tridosha Nashak, all such medicines in whose description , ‘Tridosha Nashak’ is mentioned, this is useful in all kinds of illnesses.

Whether it is a ‘Vaat’ related illnes. ‘Vaat’ illness includes Vayu (Air-related) and joint pain issue, and all related illnesses also heart attack, something that helps in all illnesses. ‘Pitta’ disorders mean problems ranging from acidity, jaundice, etc, all such illnesses, caused due to excessive heat. In all such illnesses, this medicine is useful. ‘Kapha’ disorders mean illnesses related to the fats in the body, or there is water retention in the body, or there is excess Kapha or mucus in the body, or where there is excessive Earth matter in the body, an excess of ‘Dharti’ (Earth) matter or Prithvi matter is in excess, which means that the body is heavy, These are all included in ‘Kapha’ related illnesses.

Those who know about Vata-Pitta-Kapha combinations, who know about Ayurveda, know how the different combinations, together make different illnesses. It is very important to have a proper balance , of these three doshas in the body.

Today, I will talk about Giloy, which along with being ‘Tridosha Nashak‘. If any medicine is Tridosha Nashak, then one thing is certain, that it will be useful in all illnesses. But people complain that they have so many illnesses, that they have been having Giloy for so many years, or that they have been taking Tulsi for so long, why did their illnesses not get cured? Why are their illnesses still present? You would have all seen that, the farmer who sets the irrigation system in his farm, opens the water source for the farm, then water starts to move in one direction more, than the other side. It is but natural, water would flow in the direction of the slope. What does he do then? Using his intellect, by piling up mud, he closes the breach, and opens on the other side, so water can get diverted to the other side. This is a deftness of his hand, Similarly in the Ayurvedic medicines, if one medicine is useful in 70 illnesses, then it does not work in a manner that when taken, it relieves all the 70 illnesses. Although this happens, but is rare.

How to properly channelize it?, which means on which organ, you want most of it to work on, this depends on the way you take the medicine. In some cases, it depends on the way, that what kind of water are you giving it with, whether it is hot or cold, this is also a factor. Or what did you take it with, when did you take it, did you take it on an empty stomach or after meals, this is yet another factor. In some cases, it is the quantity, that matters. How much quantity of medicine was given. Based on that, depends the extent of its benefit. I will tell you some simple things about Giloy. Although Giloy as a subject is vast, to discuss.

With Giloy alone, in varied ways, you can cure a lot of illnesses. But, I will tell you three main ways, following which you can cure Vata-related, or Pitta-related or Kapha-related illnesses very easily.

1. Giloy for Vata-related illnesses

Vata-related illnesses cover joint pains, or gas formation in the body, trapped gas or gas-congestion in the body. Any problems caused due to excessive Vayu in the body, whether it is causing creaking sounds in your joints, or people who have more Vayu-related illnesse, although everyone should take Giloy, on an empty stomach in the morning, and in case of more problems, this can be taken both in the morning and evening. Take on an empty stomach in the morning, and at the time of sunset. What is the quantity that you have to take? If you are taking in juice form, then 4 teaspoons.

Bottles are easily available Online.

If it is taken in tablet form, then you can take 1-2 tablets.

Tablets are easily availaible Online.

For a person less than 18 years of age, then 1 tablet. For a person over 18 years, it is 2 tablets, in the morning and two in the evening.

How is this medicine to be taken?

let us understand this. If you are taking in Vata-related illnesses, then take it with ghee. Cow ghee How much ghee? 1/2 to 1 teaspoon maximum.

If Giloy is taken with cow ghee, then it will be useful in Vata-related illnesses.

2. Giloy for Pitta-related illnesses

Pitta-related illness includes acidity, or excessive heat in the body, or skin-related problems. Pitta-related illnesses manifest as excessive heat in the body, like Jaundice etc. These kinds of illnesses are related to Pitta disorder.

When Giloy is given in Pitta-related illnesses, then it is mixed with sugar. By sugar, I do not mean white sugar, and neither is this jaggery. Very similar to jaggery, this is a powdered sweetener made with sugarcane, which is called ‘Shakkar‘, which is cold. Jaggery is of hot-potency, sugar is of cold-potency. If you take 4 teaspoons of Giloy juice, you can add 1 teaspoon sugar, and add some water and drink it, That way it will work well for Pitta-related illnesses.

Giloy for Kapha-related illnesses

Let me tell you the meaning of Kapha-related illnesses, This means if there is excess fats in the body, or if there is phlegm in the body, or have sinus or allergy in the body, or excessive sneezing, or any other Kapha-related issues. Kapha does not only mean phlegm, it also means that the Earth element in our body is high. Those who have a bulky body, then understand that they have more Kapha in their body. Fats are also called as Kapha. To give in those illnesses, you can take Giloy in the same quantity, give it with honey.

Take 1 teaspoon honey, and take 4 teaspoons of Giloy stem juice. You have to use the juice of Giloy stem, whereas people keep using the juice of its leaves. They keep crushing Giloy leaves and eat that. Giloy leaves do not help in such illnesses, but are useful elsewhere. Mostly, we use the stem of Giloy. Most people are ignorant about this. They give Giloy leaves. The stem has to be used.

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