Master Weight Loss Diet Plan for Summer

Today I’m going to give you such a diet plan, in fact, a health & happiness plan, following which, you can start your weight loss journey.

The diet plan that I’m going to discuss today, is helpful for all those who want to lose weight however overweight they are, e.g. 4kg, 5 kg, 10 or 20 kg. Whoever wants to start his weight loss journey, this diet plan is very good for him. This is even good for people who just want to stay healthy.

At times people tell me, “We don’t want to reduce weight, but tell us what should we eat to stay healthy.” That means if you have high BP problem, then how to keep it normal (with diet), if digestion is not proper and the body doesn’t get enough nutrition from the food then what should we do so that we get maximum nutrition from our food. So, today I’ll tell you about the plan which will be useful for all of you. especially those, who have committed themselves to lose weight at any cost. But please do not compromise on your health. Don’t follow any wrong habit which harms you later.

At times people come and tell me, “We have followed a diet on our own, and later our legs’ veins got weaker & got swelled” which means they got suffered from varicose vein. Some people say, “I started controlling my diet plan by eating selectively & starving.” because of which they’ve got dark circles under the eyes. There are many other problems we face once we follow our own diet plans without understanding them properly, because of the lack of information. We do what we want. But doing things by taking information from others or under the guidance of somebody is better. Just following your thinking may lead to problems at times.

Though, taking a normal diet is not wrong, but that will not help in reducing weight. I’ll give you such a plan today, in which you’ll get chapati (Indian flat bread), rice & pulses also to eat. I’ll not keep you starving. Some people told me, “The plans that you give doesn’t have Chapati in them.” I agree, I’ve shared such plans with you people in last few days.

For the people, who have never followed any diet & they want to get an easy plan to follow. So, let me tell you that this plan is the easiest one, tasty and should be followed during summers. Because vegetables available in winters are different. Besides this, the fruits available are different in winters & in summers. Also in winters, the way of consuming grains is different than in summers. So, this diet plan that I’m going to tell is for summers. Those who are overweight, due to which they have high BP. I met a patient today only and he told that his BP becomes high too often. I’ve already worked on thousands of such patients. and that you can’t take medicines for every problem but if you only start reducing your weight by controlling your eating habits then your BP or sugar etc. will be controlled.

Some people tell me they have stones along with other various diseases. See, you can’t take medicines for so many diseases together. So, first of all, control your diet. You should take such a diet which helps you reduce weight if you are overweight. if you are underweight then with this plan your weight will not reduce further. You will be able to balance your weight with this plan. Those, who have reduced their weight & now do not want to gain again, they can also follow this. Don’t bother whether your weight will further reduce or not.

Just check your weight in the measurement of 1 Inch: 1kg. that means your weight in kg should be equivalent to your height in inches. Suppose somebody’s height is 5 ft. So, 5ft=60 Inches So, his weight should be 60kg. If the person’s bones are broad then weight can vary up to 65Kg. if someone is skinny then it can vary to 55kg. That means, a variation of 4-5 kg here & there is acceptable. But if the weight touches 80-85Kg for a person with 5ft height, Then it is too much. If somebody has 6 ft or 5.5 ft of height, Try finding out the weight for 5.5 Kg. Such a person should have his weight varrying from 66-70Kg. On lower side it can go upto 60Kg, so, between 60-70, it is very good. and for a person with 5.5 ft of height, the weight reaches upto 90-95 in place of 70Kg, then it means he is overweight by 20-25 Kg. He must reduce his weight and if he doesn’t do so, then just try understanding it with this example. Hang a 10Kg flour bag on the back of a person, and ask him to work all day in such a situation only. He won’t be able to walk, his shoulders will start aching. You must have seen in your homes, when small kids come back from schools carrying heavy bag, they are often gasping. They put off the bag and retire in the bed as if they are too exhausted. Because carrying a load on your shoulders all the time is not an easy job. Many of your body’s internal organs get disturbed. This becomes so much troublesome at times. So, please listen to me. The plan that I’m going to give you today is very easy. It is easy to follow & nothing is tough to get from the market. At times people tell me, “we can’t spend too much on the things that you mention.” So, in this diet, I’ve included those things that we eat in our daily routine. I just need to make you understand the right way to eat them so that your weight, BP and other things start balancing themselves.

So, let’s start. First of all, you need to drink 2-3 glasses of water after waking up in the morning. Drink stale water kept at night. You can keep water in the earthen pot or copper pot. In summers, you can put some silver object in the copper pot like a ring or a coin, whatever you get. if you have it at home, then put it in copper pot at night only. Keep the water covered. Keep it on a wooden base. It is not to be kept directly on floor or slab. Those people, who place the pot directly on the ground must consider that the metal gets earthed this way, and hence the energy that generates, because of the reaction of the metal in the water in the form of ions, gets earthed. So, either keep a plastic table or a wooden stool next to your bed, because this water needs to be kept near your head at night. People, who sleep with copper pot water next to their head, this remedy helps them in curing their stress & anxiety also. After drinking water, you need to freshen up yourself. You need to drink water immediately after waking up. Your mouth’s saliva that built up at night must go in your stomach. Some people drink after brushing. This is wrong. Drink water before brushing so that your saliva goes in the stomach. This saliva is very precious as it is a kind of medicine in itself. This is a sure shot medicine for acidity.

Somebody asked me, “Tell me a free remedy for the acidity.” If you take your night’s saliva inside along with water, then gradually your acidity will get cured. After this, excrete, then take a walk, unwind your body a bit because after sleeping the body gets stiff. And our body organs come into a resting state. You need to waken them up with some movements, So, do some stretching & Mountain pose. After freshening up, wait for 10 minutes.

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Then if you wish, you can drink Gooseberry & Aloe vera juice. Take 4 spoons each of Gooseberry juice & Aloe vera juice (fibrous). You’ll also get Aloe vera juice without fibers in the market, This is not that beneficial as a fibrous one. Some people don’t like fibrous juice thinking that it will feel bad in the mouth, For such people, there are many companies that make juice without fiber. But fibrous juice is the best. So, take aloe vera juice. Some people were asking me if they can use fresh Aloe vera which is planted at home. See, although we can use it, but it also contains poison in small quantities. So, it is important to remove this poison before using it. By the time, please buy the juice from the market only. So, you need to take Gooseberry & Aloe vera juice, 4 spoons each, adding an equal amount of water to it. Some people fill the full glass with water. then it doesn’t get digested & for 1-2 hours, the chest feels heavy. So, add an equal amount of water to 4 spoons of Gooseberry & Aloe vera juice & take it. After drinking it, don’t take anything for an hour. You can do yoga, exercise or can go for a walk. If you go to the gym then go there. Follow, whatever routine you have, like bathing, praying, etc. After bathing, some people do not eat anything until they say their prayers.

Then they take their breakfast at around 10-11 am. By that time the gas has already been formed in the body. Moreover, the intestines would have absorbed the gas. and this gas then gradually spread all over the body because of which our body bulges Some people say, “I don’t eat so much but even then my body is bulging.” If you also have the same complaint then you must have your breakfast by 9-9:15 in the morning. which means you must have your breakfast within 1.5 – 2 hours of waking up. and Gooseberry juice & Aloe vera juice has to be taken within 30 minutes of waking up. You must remember these things. Once you have taken this juice, completed your exercise, walk & other daily routine, then take a banana.

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I’m suggesting banana because it is easily available everywhere and if taken in the morning empty stomach, it helps reducing weight. Some people eat banana after a meal. I often see people, when asked to have fruits, they say, “Keep it, we’ll have it after having meal.” If you eat any fruit after taking a meal, it will increase weight. that’s why when people ask me to gain weight, I suggest them taking fruit after 30-45 minutes of having a meal & not immediately. This will help them gaining weight. Those, who want to reduce weight, should eat a banana before 30-40 minutes of breakfast. Banana peels also have some pulp & threads on them. scrape it with a spoon properly & eat it also. Don’t waste it as it has much more calcium than its fruit. Even sugar patients can eat half banana empty stomach. Rest should eat 1 complete banana. Some people ask to have 2 bananas. No, it will be excess, so just eat 1 banana. If you don’t want to eat banana daily & wish to change something, then you can eat one full apple with its skin after washing it. Make sure you don’t sprinkle any salt on both of these fruits.

Don’t sprinkle salt on raw fruits & salads. Those, who sprinkle salt on raw fruits & vegetables, their weight doesn’t get reduced. So, eat it without salt. If apple is not available then you can eat canary melon, which is like musk melon. In the morning, you can eat papaya. I’m giving you options. Take it as per your requirements. You need to do it for 1-2 months, till summer ends. So, only one type of fruit is not sufficient. Although, if you wish, you can take a banana empty stomach continuously for 10 days. It helps reducing weight as it is like a calorie cutter if taken empty stomach. Other fruits also help reducing weight but only if they are taken empty stomach. Though you can take watermelon also in the morning but I don’t prefer it. The reason is that some fruits are very cold by nature, so they must be given when the temperature rises, and when the person feels thirsty due to dry throat. Either you decide not to have anything in breakfast then you can eat watermelon. Otherwise, just take Banana, Apple or Papaya. Once a while you can take plums or Java Plums in small quantities. After eating these fruits, don’t eat anything for 40 minutes.

If you are a housewife, you can finish your daily chores or prepare food for others. So that you also don’t get gas formed because of an empty stomach. So, if you’ve taken some fruits then even if you’ll cook food for others, your body won’t feel weak. Otherwise what happens? Your body’s calcium can reduce and because of gas formation, you’ll feel pain here & there and your body & tummy will puff up. This leads to the thyroid. Your body becomes out of shape even if you don’t want. So, to avoid all this, eat some fruits. and after 40 minutes of eating fruits, you need to do breakfast. Remember, breakfast is to be done before 10 am i.e. till 9:30 am. it is better to do it from 9:30 to 9:40 am. But after this time e.g. 9:45 am or so, it will not reduce your weight. You have to think about it in advance before opting for my plan. Later on, you’ll say, “I didn’t see any change in me.” In the comments below the, people tell their mistakes. So, please do so, I’ll be happy to listen to your mistakes. At times, you do several mistakes, which results in partial benefits. If I assured that your weight will reduce by 5 or 10 Kg & you could reduce only 3 kg, This happens because at times you are not able to follow the schedule properly. e.g. I suggested having breakfast by 9:30am at max, if you’ll have it by 10:30 or 11am then obviously you’ll not see much change. Some people take so much time in morning prayers that they don’t get free before 11am. God never says that you ruin your body for praying him. If you need to do your prayers for 2-3 hours or you have any other routine or chanting etc. Then you should wake up early to do all this. So that you can finish your breakfast by 9:30 am at any cost. I’ll not give any leverage in this. Now, let me tell you what is to be taken at breakfast. Either take flat rice adding vegetables, mustard seeds in it & squeeze lemon while serving.

Flat rice is very healthy as it is made by pressing the normal rice. So you can eat flat rice in the morning as it is cold by nature. People who feel excessive hot during summers, sweat a lot & have excessive body odor, when they pass motions, their stools smell bad, even their farts are very smelly. So, take food, which is cold by nature like bananas, flat rice, and avoid food, which is hot by nature. Some people eat excessive sweets & sugar, so you must stop eating sweets & sugar completely. Whatever natural sugar you are getting like in banana or other vegetables, it’s enough. Except for this, I can’t give you any leverage for sugar. Because sweets are not good for health, just eat the natural sugars provided by God.

Those, who are overweight, even 1-2 spoons of sugar will not let their weight reduce, because it takes a lot of time to digest. Sugar takes all the more. If you have excess craving then in summers, you can eat half a spoon of Ayurvedic sugar, In winters, you can put a small piece of jaggery in your mouth. It will not contribute to weight gain that much, But sugar will definitely increase weight. This is so much harmful. Firstly, it takes time to digest. Moreover, it is being washed with chemicals. Different chemicals are used to clean it & make it look shiny, which ruin the body’s system. If you don’t want to eat flat rice at breakfast then you can take Oats. Oats are nothing but Barley. Some people ask me, what are oats? Oats are the processed form of Barley. As flat rice is made by pressing the rice similarly, oats are made by pressing the barley. Oats are pre-cooked in the oven so that you don’t require much time to cook them later. So, this is barley only. Both barley & flat rice are cold by nature. You need to take cold-natured grains in the morning because these are summer days. So take cold-natured grains morning, afternoon & evening. This is a good thing. Oats are to be avoided at night. You can take polenta or pulse water. I’ll tell about it in detail in a while.

In the morning, you can take flat rice, Oats or the third thing is Multigrain chapati. If you feel very hungry, your height is more or your body is heavy and your body energy requirement is more, or you do physical work very much because of which flat rice are not sufficient then you should eat 2 multigrain chapatis. There are many companies that manufacture different types of multigrain flour. ‘Patanjali‘ brand also have a multigrain flour in which they have added 9-10 types of grains. Similarly, to make multigrain flour at home, you can take multiple varieties of flours. Take 40% wheat, 20-25% oats, 20-25% gram flour, 5-7% or 1-2 spoons of Wheat bran, 1 tablespoon sesame seeds. grind all these & use this flour. No doubt its summertime, but 1 spoon of Sesame seeds will not disturb your body system So you can make chapatis of this also. Make a dough by adding gram flour to it. Knead the dough well & Make 2 chapatis. Eat it with bottle gourd or round gourd. Multigrain chapati contains protien, so I’ll not suggest taking curd with it. If you want to take curd then this can be taken sometimes with normal chapati adding just brans. But most of the time use 2 spoons of multigrain flour. Even if you don’t make chapati, just grate some bottle gourd, prepare thin batter & make a salted pancake. You’ll get enough water from Bottle gourd only. Add more if needed. You will have multigrain pancake. You can eat it with homemade tomato sauce. Don’t add sugar to it. Just add salt & black pepper. Anything which has salt & sugar both, will increase your weight for sure.

Many people knead dough & make chapatis immediately. Let me tell you that the dough needs to be kept aside for an hour. Only then its chapatis will digest fast. Otherwise the chapatis will take time to digest. But don’t even take the stale dough kept overnight. This is also not good because it will make gas & you’ll fart all day. Some people do a big mistake by adding milk while kneading the flour. Though you can do this but not for weight loss. Otherwise, sometimes you can add milk in flour to make chapatis. for example when you are traveling, as it will remain soft for a very long time. But if you eat that chapati with some salted vegetable than you’ll have skin problems like itching all the time. Your blood will become toxic or it may harm in many other ways. So if you make chapatis by adding milk then eat it with milk only. But then it is not useful for weight loss. If somebody likes this chapati then you can make it but eat it only with milk or some dessert. You can make pumpkin dessert & eat with it. This is okay. But this chapati can’t be taken with salty dishes because it will develop skin problems.

There are some people who take tea along with breakfast. Don’t do this. If you’ll take tea with breakfast then I can guarantee that you’ll not get any nutrition present in your breakfast. That’s why you all complain, “I have taken such a nutritious diet but even then my calcium is low or Hb is less.” “I have a deficiency or weakness & the doctor has suggested me to take protein or multivitamin capsules” So, this is obvious to happen. If you’ll take tea with your food & will not give it even half an hour’s time then you’ll not get nutrition from it. Your face will not glow & it will become so dull as if someone has sucked energy from your body. So, take tea after 30-40 minutes only, if you have to take it at all. Some ladies tell me, “I take bed tea just after waking up. Is it okay?” Please don’t take tea at that time because in the morning you need to eat healthy things. If you take bed tea then this is natural for acidity & gas to remain in the body. and if you have gas then in the future, you will definitely have body pains. Nobody can stop it. at least I can’t stop it. I don’t have that much strength that first I promote your bad habits also, and then you ask me, “Why do I have gas in my body?” So this is the reason. If you are determined that you need to move on your weight loss journey, bring your BP to normal or make your body healthy, and if you think that you want to make yourself healthy. you don’t want to reduce weight but just want to follow a healthy lifestyle, This plan is for all such people, who have thyroid or any other such problem.

If you have thyroid, don’t eat cabbage. There are a few other things also. I’ll keep telling during this discussion. People who have excess flatulence should not eat cauliflower. Eat fewer potatoes & avoid gram split beans, leafy vegetables. These small tips are very useful. This is all mentioned in our Ayurvedic scriptures. I’m not telling my own views. I’m just telling you what is explained in the books of Ayurveda. If you want to have tea then take it at least after 30-45 minutes. Drink water only after 1.5 hours of the breakfast. Many people drink water immediately after having a meal. If you really want to have water then, take one sip, keep it in your mouth to mix saliva properly in it, and swirl it in the mouth with the help of your tongue. Keep it in your mouth for 1-2 minutes, then drink it. Take only 1-2 sips at the end of your meal, not anymore. You need to drink rest of the water after 1.5 hours only. Only then you will loose weight, stay healthy & will get get proper nutrition from your meals. There is no use of eating if you don’t get nutritions. So, people who are determined to bring their life back on the track & to do everything in the right manner, then listen to me carefully. I’m telling you in detail & I don’t expect anything from you in return. I get many comments below, stating “We want to get a professional diet plan from you. What is your fee?” See, although I’m professional in my work, I’m doing this service for the contentment of my soul. I’m not doing this for any show-off or any competition. I’m doing all this to spread the knowledge that my God & my masters have imparted me. I’ll request you also to spread it further. If you have gained from learning anything, it becomes your responsibility to spread this knowledge further. Now, this is your responsibility, not mine because now you have benefitted from it.

My Master also told me, “if you are cured by the knowledge imparted by me, then it is your duty to pay off its debt.” I just followed his instructions. and I’m making people aware of this from last 15-16 years. This is my purpose of life. I impart classes on meditation in camps. and teach Yoga, ayurveda & acupressure to people in sessions. With His blessings, in the future, I’ll teach all those, who are sitting at very distant places in the world.

If you have a habit of having tea then take it after 40 minutes of breakfast. Do not add sugar to your tea. As a substitute you can add stevia. Now you’ll ask, “What is stevia?” Stevia is a variety of Holy Basil. You’ll get its pouches & tablets from the market. But I’ll suggest Stevia from brand named ‘Zindagi’. I don’t charge any commission from this company. However, I’ve used their product and I liked it as it doesn’t have a bitter taste. Many sugar free products leave a bitter taste on tongue. The brand, ‘Zindagi’ sells Stevia powder in pouches. You can add this to your tea or milk or even add it to your desserts or any other sweet dish. Stevia has zero calories. Some people ask if it weakens the bones. No, not at all. It is a variety of Holy basil. Though you need to take anything in limit only. If I told you about Stevia, it doesn’t mean that you’ll start taking it in excess. Use this also in limit. you can take it 2-3 times a day as per your requirement. If you take tea then taking dip tea is better. If you’ll boil the tea, it will make gas. Dip tea is less harmful.

Black salt is different from rock salt. This is pink in color. Rock salt is less harmful, the other salt makes the bones weaker. So, those, who are overweight & have excess fat on the body, already have weak bones. They should avoid such things and opt for healthier things. Rock salt also doesn’t raise the BP much. So, you can make lime water or lemonade by adding this salt. Very rarely, you can take ‘Panna’ also (Sweet-salty mango drink). You can add Stevia for sweetness. To make ‘Panna’ you need to roast the mango on the stove like brinjal. Then take out its pulp to make ‘Panna’. Don’t take it daily. Take it just once or twice a month. Sometimes you can also take Beetroot juice by adding lemon, salt & stevia to it. This can also be taken around 12-1 pm. You can choose any one thing that you like. but this is my request to you that I have told you so many options in fruits e.g. Banana or apple etc. then don’t keep taking only one type of fruit & don’t eat any other fruit. You must keep changing the variety after some time. If you like something then it’s okay if you eat it more often. But if you do not eat anything else then it’s wrong because you need to take everything alternatively. For example, I gave you 3-4 options for breakfast, so that you can eat different things. Some times if you want then you can eat only yogurt in breakfast. or you can eat curd by adding fruits to it. Then do not eat fruits separately. After taking this refreshment at 12 noon, eat salad between 1:30 -2 pm. Include all seasonal things in small quantity in your salad. At least bring 3-4 types of salad items whenever you go to market.

Use the salads & vegetables that are easily available in your locality. Don’t use very hard vegetables like Jackfruit, as it increases weight. Similarly, potato can be included in rice. If you’ll take potato with wheat by making potato bread, it will cause weight gain. In salad, don’t add salt. Just add black pepper and come lemon juice. Those who have knee pain, joint pains or any other bodily pain because of any reason, Should not add even lemon juice. As they should avoid sour food. Chew your salad properly while eating. Many people eat salad along with meal. Although you can do this, but finish maximum of your salad in the beginning of meal. So either you take it before meal or finish it with first half of your meal. For example, if you eat 2 chapatis (Indian flat bread), then finish it with the first chapati only. Don’t take it with the second chapati otherwise, it will form a gas. As you start eating chapatis, your body heat increases. firstly, chew your food properly & eat it slowly because your brain gets the signal after some time that your stomach has got enough diet. After getting such a signal, your brain tells you not to eat more. If you eat too fast then even if your stomach is full, the brain doesn’t get the signal. So, you end up eating more food. So, eat just 2 chapatis. Eat a lot of salad before that. You can skip chapatis in lunch some time. You can take only corn soup in summers as it is cold in nature & eaily digestive.

However, when rain starts, worms breed in corn & sugarcane. This worm is very dangerous, so don’t use it then. All leafy vegetables are attacked by worms in rainy season. So, don’t use them during that season. As of now, you can take Corn soup. Remember 2 things. Firstly, add carom seeds & lemon in your corn soup. Just put carom seeds powder or carom seeds in a pouch while boiling the corns. You may remove the pouch later from the soup. At least you’ll get its extract. Cover the pan while boiling. We shouldn’t boil things uncovered as all the nutrients evaporate. I’m mentioning all details. It may take time. You need to take carom seeds with food in the afternoon, neither in the morning, nor at night. All my sisters & mothers should note that they should put carom seeds in their afternoon meals. You can add this in your curry, or chapati (flatbread) or in the soup. Don’t take it in the morning & at night.

Avoid lentils without skin as it doesn’t clean your stomach well. So, take lentils with skin as it has fiber in its skin. Take any lentil, add some bottle gourd. It will get mixed in the lentil only. Mix it well, add curry leaves & cinnamon to it. Just pay attention to the combination while making it. If you want, you can take a chapati with any vegetables. There are so many vegetables in the market these days. People, who have a skin problem, should avoid sticky vegetables like ladyfinger, brinjal, taro roots etc, people with skin problems like allergy, eczema, ringworm, or excess heat in the body, should avoid these sticky vegies. Rest, they can eat anything like apple gourd, bottle gourd, ridged gourd, pumpkin etc. In some places, you can also get carrots & peas. Take whatever else you get. It’s better to use fresh vegetables. Do not use frozen packed vegetables.

Besides this, you can sometimes take oats in the lunch also. Avoid flattened rice (Poha) in the afternoon, Oats can be taken. Sometimes, just eat fruits in the afternoon. You can take different fruits every day like watermelon or musk melon. I almost forgot to tell you that after 1.5 hours of lunch, drink plenty of water. If you want to eat curd in lunch then take it with vegetable curry & chapati. Don’t take it with lentils. If you have taken lentils & rice and haven’t taken curd with it, then after lunch, take 2 tablespoons of curd, add salt, blackpepper, cumin powder and 4 times water to it. churn it well. It becomes like buttermilk. You can drink it just after your lunch. It will improve your digestion by digesting the food faster & also prevent the formation of gas. So, you can take this buttermilk. Drink warm water 2 times between 3 to 5 pm as this is the time of maximum detoxification for kidneys. if you want, then around 5-5:30 pm you can drink earthen pot’s water. You can add 20% of refrigerated water as some people feel dizzy in excess summers. Don’t sit in AC much. If you wish you can add 10-20 % of refregerated water to earthen pot’s water.

After 30 minutes of having water i.e. around 5:30 pm, you must take soup. People who take dinner directly after having lunch will not be able to reduce their weight. If somebody has decided to follow me, he should do it with full dedication. You can take spinach soups in the evening. For this, boil the spinach leaves & squeeze its juice. Sometimes take chickpeas soup or tomato soup by adding mushrooms to it. Mushroom is also helpful in reducing the weight, so take it in small quantities sometimes. You can also add some bottle gourd in tomato soup sometimes or can make soup of any other similar vegetable. You can also make soup of potato alone by shredding it. This is also good for health but don’t add butter to it. You can add salt, black pepper & cumin powder for taste. The raw onion will increase weight, so don’t take it. Listen to me very carefully. If you add onion in your veg curries then don’t roast it much. Some people roast it till it becomes golden brown. This will increase weight. Even if you fry it, keep it white translucent & add the other vegetables. it wil lget cooked with vegies. Don’t fry it much else it will increase weight. Raw onion also increases weight. Even then, if you want to eat raw onion then take spring onion which is of white colour & has green leaves over it. You can knead its leaves in the dough to make chapatis or stuff it in chapatis for lunch or breakfast. You can also add these green leaves in small quantity to your soup after it is cooked. This is good for digestion & helpful in weight loss. Don’t eat raw garlic in summers. Sow some of its cloves in a well fertile soil in a pot and add some cow manure to it. Take 40% manure & 60% soil. Mix it well add sow a lot many cloves in one pot. You can get many green leaves. Just sprinkle these cut leaves on your vegetable when it is 90% cooked.

You can also add it to your lentils. It will stop the formation of gas and will prevent pains. Your food will not harm you & also, it will help with weight loss. In many countries, these green leaves of garlic are called chives. These are very tasty and enhances the food taste a lot. Besides this, if sometimes you are not able to make soup because of time constraint or at times you don’t feel like having anything hot in summers, then you can take 1-2 fists of puffed rice, chop some tomato, cucumber, snake cucumber in it. Although, we shouldn’t chop vegetables very small as it reduces their nutrition. If you’ll cut them in big peices, it will retain more nutrition. However, the recipe of ‘Bhelpuri’ becomes tastier by fine chopping of vegetables. So, chop them and eat it immediately. Don’t keep it for later. Add some coriander, lemon & salt, mix it well and eat immediately. You can eat it in the evening and add 10-20 roasted black grams with its skin. So, sometimes in the evening take Bhelpuri or soup or even fruits like plums, peach etc. Plums are cold in nature. Lychee, Mango, musk melon & peach are hot in nature. Don’t eat these hot-natured fruits in large quantities during summers. So, just take 1-2 pieces of peach at a time. There is no problem with eating plums, phalsa, or black plum. However, don’t take bananas or watermelon in the evening. 1-2 pieces of musk melon can be taken. Then it’s your dinner time. You must be thinking, ‘should I be eating the whole day?’ Of-course, you need to eat in very small quantities at a time but follow the same routine that I suggested. So, drink plenty of water half an hour before dinner. You shouldn’t drink water immediately before or after meals. Drink water before 45 minutes & after 1.5 hours of having meals. Your body will become strong & whatever you’ll eat will benefit you completely. You’ll not have dehydration, bloating, gas, indigestion or constipation. You’ll not have any of these problems, and your body will nourish well. Just follow all these rules. You may require 1 hour in listening to this video, But that one hour will advance you by 2 months.

Believe me, if you continue this diet for 2 months, Week by week some people lose more inches than weight and those, who eat very carefully & don’t eat much will have weight loss very fast. And if you do exercise with this, it’s better.

Sometimes, if you really feel like eating something else then add a few pieces of Tofu into it. Just equivalent to the size of a matchbox. This relief is also only once or twice in a month as you shouldn’t eat much tofu, because soy protein doesn’t digest fast in the body. So, don’t eat soy nuggets or soybeans much. In fact people looking for the weight loss must not eat it. So, abstain from it. Make vegetable rice sometimes for dinner. If you wish, you can add some potato with skin in it. If you put potato then don’t add peas & vice versa. Besides this, add whatever you want like beans, carrot etc. So you can eat rice in this manner at night. Never eat curd at night. Sometimes you can make soup of some lentils only. Add Curry leaves to it. You can get dried curry leaves powder from a grocer in the market, It is planted in many gardens also, so you can ask from a gardner for it. You can dry curry leaves in the shade, powder them and store. This can be stored upto a month. So, don’t make powder in large quanitiy. Just store what you can consume in a month. Besides this, you can eat brown rice some times. Though, brown rice are good for health but I don’t recommend eating only brown rice everytime. Whenever you make your normal rice, just add 1-2 tablespoons of brown rice to it. This much is enough. But even then if you just want to have brown rice only then make vegetable rice from it. You need to soak brown rice for 2 hours before cooking them. White rice need to be soaked for half an hour. Cook in the same water in which they are soaked. Finish your dinner by 8 pm, lunch by 2 pm. Dinner can be delayed maximum till 8:30 pm. I cannot give more relaxation. If you sleep by 10 or 10:30 pm, then drink milk half an hour before you sleep. There must be a gap of at least 2 hours between dinner and milk. Do not drink milk immediately after having dinner. If you can do this then just eat some vegetable in the dinenr then take milk at night. Don’t take much rice at night. Take vegetables more often in your routine. It’s better if you can skip the vegetables also. Just take milk as dinner. And do not sleep empty stomach also. People, who do not eat vegetables & drink milk and skip dinner altogether, do not get their weight reduced and suffer from gastric trouble. So, these things that I told you are very important. Your summers will become happier if your dream of getting slim comes true. Listen me carefully, measure your stomach, hips, chest & neck with a measurement tape. Also measure your shoulders, biceps & thighs before start following this plan. Measure oyur weight also. Your weight may not reduce in the first week.You may only lose some inches. Then in between only weight may reduce and not the inches. This will go on like this, so don’t get disappointed that you are not befitted by it. Some people ask, “You don’t give such a plan in which 1 day is just for fruits, 2nd is for vegetables only and then 3rd day for a mixed diet.”I don’t do such experiments. I suggest diet according to the description in our Ayurvedic Scriptures I spoke for too long & couldn’t notice the time. It’s been around 55 minutes. I kept describing it for so long. You may feel that Itook so much time but it was important. If you understand it properly, your life will be worthwhile. This is a kind of lifestyle. If you can follow this, there would be nothing more important for you. Besides this, at last I must tell you, mustard oil is best for cooking. You can also use sesame oil. Olive oil is not much required for Indians, although it is good for people of other countries. But even then if you want, you can cook sometimes in olive oil also. It’s important to take cow’s ghee (clarified butter) in small quantities. Specially put it in the ‘Polenta‘, when you eat it at night. Don’t spread cow’s ghee on your chapatis in summers. If you feel like, then put it in your vegetable curries in summers. Some vegetables & soups do not require putting ghee while cooking them. So, Sometimes you can add 4-5 drops of cow’s ghee in it. Because if you have excess gas formation, then Cow’s ghee is the cure for it. Sometimes, ladies have painful perieods and cramps during periods, So, when you follow this plan during those days, take 1-2 fists pomegranate, and take 1 cup of hot water (like tea), put 1 spoon of Cow’s ghee in it and drink it in sips while it’s hot. Drink it for 5 days during periods. You can drink it anytime i.e. morning empty stomach or in the afternoon or evening. You painful periods will become normal. You’ll feel very comfortable. This plan can be followed by sugar patients, high BP & low BP paitents also. It’s doesn’t matter if you are too much overweight or just a few kgs excess, or if you height is more or less, Just pay attention to your inner voice and eat in limits.

That means eat when you feel like eating but when you are in dilemma whether to eat or not, this means you don’t have enough space in your stomach. So, stop eating that time. Just eat it in limits. If you make food in large quantities then share it with other people. So that you don’t end up eating it all. Use small bowls. Take a walk morning-evening bare foot on the grass. This will lubricate your body. Take deep breaths while walking. Do yoga morning & evening. Sit in the thunderbolt pose after having meals.

I have given you all the details required for your diet. If someone doesn’t know the ABC of the diet then also he would understand everything from this article. So, please follow this plan. Take a 2-4 km walk at any cost after dinner.

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